Quality Control / Quality Assurance

Everyone plays a role in delivering excellence.

Norwood strives to provide all of our clients with the best quality workmanship obtainable within construction industry standards. Excellence is a core value Norwood established at the highest level of our organization, where everyone is a willing and active safety participant.

LEVEL 1: Bidding Stage
Prequalify all subcontractor financials, safety record, workload and quality to ensure only the best qualified subcontractor are awarded work.

LEVEL 2: Developing a PSQMP
Develop and implement a Project Specific Quality Management Plan (PSQMP). Thoroughly review the project documents for compliance, ensuring that all potential issues are addressed. Product data will be reviewed to see that it meets or exceeds the specifications.

LEVEL 3: Material Verification
Document that all materials delivered to the site conforms to the approved submittals ensuring the work is clearly understood and will be performed in accordance with all requirements.

LEVEL 4: Layout Monitoring & Control
The Project Superintendent will be responsible to observe, monitor and assist the subcontractors in their layout work monitoring and control. Only first-class workmanship will be acceptable.

LEVEL 5: Quality Control Manager / Routine Inspections
Norwood’s Safety & QA Manager and the Project Manager will inspect the project on a routine basis to ensure the work conforms to the project requirements and is documented in accordance with PSQMP.

LEVEL 6: Close Out Documents
Norwood will meticulously assemble all approved shop drawings, submittals, warranties, township inspections, down to carpet materials and paint colors.