West Chester, PA & Coatesville, PA

Norwood has been working on multiple projects with CTDI, a global engineering, repair, and logistics company.  We recently completed the bulk demolition of a 140,000 square foot space that previously served as studios and distribution areas in West Chester, PA.  Norwood is currently working to construct a 100,000 square foot warehouse renovation and interior build-out project. Once complete, the space will be used to manufacture equipment that can test and repair electronics.  It will feature a two-story atrium lobby and grand staircase as well as office, warehouse distribution, and future repair space. The team has implemented a detailed logistics plan to successfully deliver the project while working within an active occupied environment with no interruption to ongoing operations.

Norwood previously partnered with CTDI on a 157,000 square foot expansion of a 315,000 square foot light industrial facility originally constructed by Norwood in 2004. The project, located in Coatesville, PA, included a 117,000 square foot warehouse expansion and a 40,000 square foot administrative office addition. The team worked mindfully around the facility’s 400 daily employees to keep CTDI’s operation fully functional during construction.