Norwood COVID-19 Response Plan

These are indeed unprecedented times for all of us.  Individuals, families, public officials, front-line workers, and businesses are dealing with uncertainty and loss in forms not previously seen or imagined.   With several states planning to allow for the systematic re-opening of businesses, there is hope that we may soon return to some form of normalcy.  So as Norwood implements our back-to-work plan, we wanted to acknowledge a few important points related to COVID-19 that may be of interest.

Most importantly, thank you to our healthcare heroes, as well as our project teams, subcontractors, and suppliers that have maintained an ongoing presence on our essential projects during these past few weeks.  Your sacrifices, dedication, and efforts during these trying times are greatly appreciated. 

Norwood is committed to providing exceptional service while prioritizing the health and well-being of all stakeholders and business partners.  We have taken a very proactive approach towards our business planning and operations throughout this pandemic.  To facilitate what seems to be our temporary “new normal”, we have created a Norwood Company COVID-19 Task Force.  The purpose of the Task Force is to ensure the ongoing health and safety of our field workforce, subcontractors, and administrative staff.  Over the last few weeks, the Task Force has researched, created, and implemented a Comprehensive COVID-19 Response Plan.  We have received numerous accolades as to the effectiveness and execution of the Plan.  Simply speaking, our subcontractors have acknowledged that their “workforce feels safer on our projects”.  As a company, we will continuously monitor, assess, and adapt the necessary requirements of this plan to ensure our projects remain safe and efficient.  Copies of Norwood’s Comprehensive COVID-19 Response Plan are posted at each jobsite.

There are many challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic ahead of us.  Norwood remains strong, proactive, and determined that we will all overcome these challenges.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact myself or any member of our leadership team.


Joe Mitchell Jr., President & CEO

The Norwood Company