NMS Labs

Norwood Starts Construction on New Headquarters & Tech Center for NMS Labs

The Norwood Company, in collaboration with Jacobs Wyper Architects, recently started construction on a new headquarters and technical facility for NMS Labs in Horsham, PA. Acting as Design/Builder, the Norwood team is transforming 100,000 square feet of flex space into a state-of-the-art forensics and clinical laboratory with administrative offices. NMS estimates that the headquarters expansion and resulting efficiencies could increase their testing volumes by more than 20 percent, allowing NMS to better serve health professionals, law enforcement agencies and the justice system.

NMS Labs works with 2,000 state, county and city law enforcement and medical examiners in the U.S. and Canada and performs more than half of all postmortem toxicology tests in the United States. When completed in the fall of 2018, the new facility will allow NMS to rapidly develop new tests, including those used to detect emerging designer opioids. This will help allow for the actionable intelligence necessary to better address problems related to illicit substance abuse.