Arbutus Biopharma North American R&D Headquarters

Warminster, PA

Serving as design-builder, Norwood partnered with Arbutus Biopharma to relocate their North American R&D Headquarters. The new facility includes 35,000 square feet of offices and lab space to accommodate the emerging biotech company’s expanding operations. The chemistry and biology labs are designed as separate but adjacent labs. Consequently, this design allows the scientists to work closely with one another while maintaining the necessary procedural separation. The chemistry labs feature tall ceilings and a mixture of fixed casework and mobile elements. BL-2 labs offer a dedicated entrance and easily cleanable finishes. The office area uses glass dividers to maximize daylight, while shared huddle rooms and communal spaces help promote collaboration.

The project received an Excellence in Construction Award from Associated Builders and Contractors, Eastern PA Chapter.