Center for Diagnostics Discovery

Horsham, PA

Norwood is currently serving as design-builder on a new incubation and acceleration facility focused on the discovery and development of diagnostic products and equipment. Branded as the Center for Diagnostics Discovery (CDD), the 50,000 square foot facility will offer secure BSL-2 labs, private office suites, meeting rooms, and support space.  Anchoring the facility will be The Center for Forensic Science Research & Education (CFSRE), a nonprofit organization providing education, training, and research in forensic laboratory sciences.  NMS Labs, a privately-held clinical and forensic toxicology reference laboratory headquartered next to the new space, serves as a CDD strategic partner.  To support the success of CDD members, CFSRE and NMS will offer mentorship, access to specialized equipment, and other resources specific to the diagnostics industry.  Completion is expected in late 2023.